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At Home Composting

13 Dec At Home Composting

Compost is great for your vegetable garden, and companies like Rocky Mountain Compost are ready to supply you. But did you know that you can supplement your compost needs at home? We all need to recycle more, and that’s essentially what composting at home would be: recycling organic waste to enrich garden soil for the health of our plants. At-home composting, for your supplemental compost needs, couldn’t be easier. You’re not going to be making huge batches of compost, and there is a certain amount of patience involved, but it will be worth it in the long run. Here’s how to do it.

Areas for Composting

First understand that at-home composting can be done in a small space. If you plan to designate a corner of the yard to your compost, use an area 3’x3’x3’—which is equal to one cubic yard. For those of you with tiny backyard space—townhomes and condos—you can purchase composters, basically a plastic barrel lifted off the ground that rotates to mix the compost like a concrete truck mixes concrete. Another option is to bury a metal trashcan ¾ of the way into the earth; it won’t rotate, and you will have to mix the compost with a shovel, but it works.

How do I start Composting?

First, everything from egg shells to orange peels to rotten fruit and vegetables, to grass clippings, leaves, and sticks can be added to the composter. Dump these materials into the composter and keep them mixed. This is the benefit to the commercial at-home composter, because the composter will turn the compost easily, circulating air throughout (very important to compost). The at-home method involving the trash can requires daily turning with a shovel, and, this method works best with two trashcans: one meant for the new material, and the other to finish. Also, compost needs a wet environment, so keep the compost adequately watered-down; it needs to stay moist, but don’t waste so much water that it’s constantly soaked.

At-home composting is a great way to recycle, not to mention the benefits to quality compost in a garden bed, potted flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. For your big composting needs, Rocky Mountain Compost is here and ready to supply you.  Contact Rocky Mountain Compost for all of your compost needs.

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