Build a Stone Path: Use Stones and Compost/Mulch to Lay a Decorative Path - Rocky Mountain Compost
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Build a Stone Path: Use Stones and Compost/Mulch to Lay a Decorative Path

09 Nov Build a Stone Path: Use Stones and Compost/Mulch to Lay a Decorative Path

A flagstone path is a wonderful addition to almost any outdoor space. It looks terrific connecting a door to a driveway, as a decorative element in any garden space. And while it does take hard work to lay out the path, it is a project that is both simple to build and can be built using a few tools. Here’s how.

First, call the utilities company to mark the locations of underground wires—there is digging required. Lay out the area where you plan to place the walkway. Use a landscape string and stakes to determine the course—both width and length—(You could also lay out a garden hose to mark the area) and then use spray paint to mark ground beneath the stakes. Then dig out the sod and dirt to a depth that includes the depth of the stone you plan to lay pea gravel at a depth of three-to-four-inches. Use a flat-bladed shovel and dig out the width of the walkway. Then install a robust edging, something made of steel, and hold down the edging in places with steel spikes. Then cover the bottom of the walkway with landscape fabric, and spread the pea gravel. Rake the gravel smooth and then begin to place your stones. When you set each stone tap the top of the stone with a rubber mallet to secure its place in the substrate. Continue placing the stones in the desired pattern and then tamp each one with the mallet. Once the course of rock is down, then simply fill the gaps between each stone with either a fill dirt/compost mix or a mulch mixture. Use dirt and compost if you are going to plant a ground cover, and a mulch mixture if you want a walkway without greenery.

You can purchase all of your dirt, compost, and mulch at Rocky Mountain Compost. Yes, the ground is going to be too hard for hand-digging until spring, but a bit of planning through the winter and you’ll be ready to put down your new stone walkway when the ground thaws.

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