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Outdoor Animals

Livestock Bedding Billings MT

06 Oct Outdoor Animals

Believe it or not, winter is coming. For many of us it’s a time to look forward to: the cooler days, the yellow leaves, the holiday season that is just around the corner. But for those of you who have outdoor pets or livestock, are you prepared to keep them warm and safe through the colder months? Do you have shelter and bedding material? Here are a few tips to keeping an outside-living animal safe this season.


Dogs who live outside need some type of shelter in the winter. A dog house, of some sort, is an obvious choice. Your dog needs some shelter from the wind, snow, or rain. Inside the shelter you will want some type of bedding to both keep the animal comfortable and warm. Imagine how cold it is outside, trying to sleep in frigid winter temps. The bedding should be something that can be easily cleaned, and that dries out quickly. Your pet’s bed should be sheltered from the snow and rain, but your pet is still going to leave his or her dog house, and once outside get wet and then return to the shelter, so a bedding material that dries quickly is paramount.


Livestock have many of the same requirements as the family pet, but, oftentimes, are housed in groups. This greatly increases the scale of responsibility. Livestock bedding should be cleaned often. It should be replaced when it wears out—which it will. Remember that some animals will prefer to stay warm than to eat, and on the colder days this will be something to consider.

Remember that all animals who live outside struggle in the winter. Remember to keep them warm and safe. Check the animal’s water supply often, even if you are using an appliance to prevent icing. De-ice appliances can break, and water supplies can freeze.

Rocky Mountain Compost is ready to help you supply all your pet and livestock bedding needs. If you have any questions as to which type will work best for you animals, make sure to call today.

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