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Pest Control

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10 Aug Pest Control

There are many pests that can inhabit our gardens and ruin all our hard work. And for those who don’t rely on the organic methods of pest control, there are numerous chemical-types found in the aisles of almost every home and garden store. But, if you do want to garden organically, how will you deal with those pesky caterpillars, grasshoppers, or ear wigs? First, remember this motto: if you see a bug squish it. No, it’s not all that simple, but a good rule to live by. It keeps you out in the garden, understanding your plants and what is happening to them. Things like sticky tapes placed at the level of garden plants will, usually after a day or two, show you all the evidence you need to determine which types of pests you have invading your garden. 

Diatomaceous Earth

This is an interesting method. It’s like a booby trap for pests in the garden. This is a good method for pests like earwigs and caterpillars. For some species the product, which has tiny particles of very fine silica shells, can cut open an insect, while others are encouraged to ingest it, and it renders their insides.


Just putting soap within a bottle of warm water and spraying it on leaves can help to alleviate some pest problems. There are also insecticidal soaps that are made with ingredients that penetrate and break down the outer layers of soft-bodied insects.

Fun Ways!

Did you know how beneficial lady bugs are to a garden? Lady bugs, while beautiful and fun to watch, are absolute killers of certain types of garden pests. Lady bugs are so effective at killing some garden pests that you can now buy them in bulk.

Also remember to have good healthy soil and compost mixed in. Rocky Mountain Compost is ready to help you with any of your compost, fertilizer, or soil needs. A healthy biodiverse environment, which is an environment free of weeds and with nutrition in plentiful supply, is your first line of defense against any pest.

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