Soil Billings MT | Rocky Mountain Compost
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Soil Billings MT
soil billings mt

Soil Billings MT

½” Compost – Made from livestock waste, wood by-products and yard waste. Main use is for gardens and flower beds to restore necessary nutrients to help plants grow, the size helps provide needed space for the roots. Can also be used to establish a lawn, use under sod or with seed to help grass grow. Compost holds twice its weight in water.

¼” Compost – A finer compost used primarily to top dress existing lawns, football fields, etc. Restores the necessary nutrients that grass needs to be healthy. It is also used in mixing potting soil for potted plants.

Amended Top Soil – A mixture of screened top soil, compost and gypsum. Used as an excellent choice for raised garden beds, stays soft and does not pack. The added gypsum helps break up clay soils and is beneficial in reducing alkaline soils.

Potting Soil – Mixture of ¼” Compost, peat moss and perlite. Main use is for potted plants, lighter weight and more drainage.

Screened Dirt – Dirt screened to remove large rocks and debris. Can be used to fill holes in yards and fill bottom half of raised garden beds.

Fill Dirt – Used for building up areas for better drainage, filling holes, etc. because it packs down.   Can have rocks and debris.

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