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Our Commitment to Recycling

Our business is focused on recycling waste materials to make our finished products. We are committed to partnering with other businesses that need our services.

Reliable Services

Our services include pickup and delivery of all our materials. Don’t have a way to get products yourself? We can move it for you!

Superior Quality Products

We test and quality control all our products to make sure they surpass all your expectations. You will love our compost!

What Rocky Mountain Compost is About

We are a Billings, Montana based manufacturer and supplier of compost, colored mulch, soil amendments, amended top soil, and other landscaping and animal products for retail and wholesale markets.
We sell to everyone!
We produce all of our products utilizing recycled materials such as yard trimmings, barn/animal waste, ground wood from lumber or sawmills, and other wood waste streams.

RMC is dedicated to educating the public, raising the level of awareness of environmental issues like watershed management, soil conservation and soil remediation, providing an economical alternative in manufactured soils, and becoming roll model for recycling agricultural and municipal waste throughout Yellowstone County.

Top Quality Compost and Mulch

Our product selection includes well aged compost, colored mulches, Certified playground surface material, animal bedding, amended
top soil, landscape rock and erosion control products. We are also a landscape supply company. We make quality compost, potting
soils, and supply other soil products. We supply bulk livestock bedding for horse barns and feedlots as well as hauling services to get rid of manure.

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