Arena Soft Horse Footing

Arena soft is our proprietary blend of horse footing for your indoor or outdoor arena. Sand can be somewhat hard on horses feet and dusty. Arena soft has natural traction and bounce for training your horse. This consistent, ideal surface will make your arena soft, quiet and clean while being dust free and non-sticky. It is superior for drainage in outdoor arenas and holds up under lots of activity. No more mud, Guaranteed! Your horses will have less injuries when they train on Arena soft We can custom blend this product to meet your needs.

Arena soft T offers the following benefits:

  • The arena soft surface has a cushion effect.
  • Horses tend to move on top of the surface rather than in it.
  • There is almost no dust, when properly maintained, nor does it become deep.
  • An arena soft riding surface eliminates the mixtures resorted to in the past. No more need for clay, sand, dirt, and shavings. Those surfaces needed to be harrowed almost daily, and they can be hard going on horses’ delicate feet and legs.
  • Arena soft is an all weather surface. In rain it absorbs into the wood material so water won’t pool in your arena. Indoors it is dust-free and no watering is necessary.

Working a horse on sub-optimal footing surface can hurt more than his performance. It can also do irreparable damage to his legs, feet or attitude. A hard, rocky surface can give a horse splints, stone bruises, and bucked shins. A deep, cuppy surface could make a horse bow a tendon, strain a suspensory, or slip a stifle. And training every day on a surface that makes him uncomfortable may make a horse resent his job. After all, would you like to run, jump or dance if it hurt?