Used to fill raised beds, create landscapes, fill in for lawns or anywhere you want to grow things. Our custom blend of soil and compost.


Blend with soil for gardens, add to tree plantings or mulch around plants. Not recommended for planting alone, please mix with soil.


Screened for use as top-dressing for lawns. Increases moisture content and soil microbes. Can also be used anywhere you would use compost.


Our proprietary blend for flower pots and planters. Can also be used for starting seeds. Sold in 1 cubic foot bags, bulk bags, or loose.


This special soil conditioner is bark fines from screening bark products. Excellent for use as a mulch in beds or mixed with soils for planting.

Divot Mix

Divot Mix is formulated for golf courses but can be used on other turf grasses. Start by aerating your lawn and then apply a 1/2″ layer of this custom blend. This mix can be used to level low spots and break up hard packed places in your lawn that don’t grow well.

WPT 60/40 Blend

If you are having trouble with clay soils and can’t keep your lawn wet or green, you will want to top-dress or use this blend after aeration. Our proprietary blend of compost and gypsum will push water through and re-structure the soil to accept water. Within a week or 2 you will notice your lawn growing better and greening up!


Gypsum is a good source of both calcium and sulfur, which crops need for good yields. It improves many other soil characteristics. Gypsum helps soil better absorb water and reduces erosion. It also cuts down on phosphorus movement from soils to lakes and streams and improves the quality of various fruits and vegetables, among other benefits.